Please read the ‘Important Information’ sheet before you have your treatment.
It is crucial to read and follow these instructions carefully to ensure your brows heal well and retain the pigment.

There is little pain following your treatment.  You will be provided with an aftercare pack which will include the following; aftercare product, cotton pads and cotton tips.  Do NOT use any other product on the area for two weeks or the colour can change and you risk the chance of infection.  Avoid touching, swimming, getting them wet in the shower, sweating and scratching.

DAY 1:  Wipe the brows as often as you can for the first 2-hours after the procedure using the dry cotton pads provided.  Apply a thin layer of your aftercare product using the cotton tips later in the day if you to soothe the brows as they may feel slightly tender.

DAY 2:  Your eyebrows will appear very thick and dark!  Don’t stress this is only temporary and the colour and size will reduce.  Apply your aftercare product 3-times a day wiping every so often with a clean damp cotton pad (it is normal to see pigment on the cotton tip or cotton pad).

DAY 3:  Follow instructions provided for day two.  Your brows are likely to feel itchy, you can soothe this by applying your aftercare product and ‘tapping’ the area with a cotton tip.  The itching is a sign they are healing.

DAY 4:  Your brows will start to settle in colour and are likely to begin ‘scabbing’.  DO NOT PICK THE PIGMENT/SCABS this will pull the pigment out of the brows and could cause scarring.  Continue to apply your aftercare product 3-times a day, but lighten up on your pressure when cleaning and applying aftercare, it will reduce the scabbing process.

DAY 5:  Your brows may start to appear ‘patchy’ – this is expected and will be corrected at your ‘touch-up’ appointment.  After this day you can reduce your application of your aftercare product down to morning and evening for 1-week.  You can now touch your brows, get your brows wet with clean water however I still recommend steering clear from salt water, sweating, the direct sun or swimming pools.

DAY 8-10:  Around this phase your brows will be extremely light in colour, don’t fret because the top layer of our skin renews itself every four weeks the pigment is now sitting very low in the skin.

DAY 30-40:  You will be expected to attend your ‘touch-up’ appointment to perfect your brows!

TIPSKeeping hydrated helps immensely with the retention of pigment so make sure to drink plenty of water.  Be cautious when sleeping – if you sleep on your face or your side the continuous friction can cause the pigment to lift out.

Enjoy your new brows!