My name is Alyse Reichardt and I am a qualified Beauty Therapist specializing in Cosmetic Tattooing of eyebrows.  I have listed some important information you need to be aware of before you visit for your appointment.

There are two different methods I use when doing cosmetic tattooing:

Method 1 – Microblading mimics the hair stroke.  This technique is done by hand with a small disposable tool which has tiny needles in a row.  The skin is lightly scratched into hair strokes and pigment is pushed into the strokes to make them darker, this is the most natural technique to get the best natural looking brows, and that is why I use microblading.  This method does not last as long as block colour brows and is never completely even until after your perfecting touch-up session at 4-weeks.

Method 2 – A Digital Tattoo Machine is used for ‘Powder/Ombre’ brows, eyeliner and lip tattoo’s.  Most people are familiar with this as it is where you feel the buzzing and vibration of a tattoo machine.

By using the two methods, I am able to offer three different styles of brows; Microblading/Feathering, Combination (blending the two methods together) and Ombre brows.  At your consultation these styles will be explained more in depth and a recommendation of which style would be best for you will be provided.

Initial treatment takes 2 hours.  A perfecting touch-up session takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours.  Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the room.  PLEASE NOTE – We do not allow friends or family in the room during your treatment as this may cause distractions.  If you need to bring your child please make sure you have someone who is able to look after them outside of the consultation room.

Booking fees are accepted via cash, debit card or online transaction.  A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your space when making your appointment.  This amount is non-refundable if you cancel your appointment within 48 hours prior to your appointment time.  Please be aware that my schedule is very busy, if for some reason you cannot attend your appointment, I cannot re-book you in without at least a few weeks wait.

If you are using ROACCUTANE, RETIN-A or photo sensitising antibiotics eg: Doxy Cycline and high doses of anti-inflammatory medicine or topical medical creams you cannot be treated until 6 months after you have ceased usage of these drugs.  Some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs interact with the tattooing adversely.  Please inform me BEFORE your treatment date as you may need to be cancelled.

(Prices are subject to change at any time).  Please view prices from our website pricelist.  All new clients are treated as a NEW tattoo even if you have an old tattoo done by another technician.

Anaesthetic will be used throughout the procedure.  Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment so I can apply a Topical anesthetic.  Aftercare creams are applied to the tattooed area after your treatment.  An aftercare pack will be provided to you that contains Vaseline some wet wipes and cotton tips, you will also be given homecare instructions.

Do NOT wear expensive white or light-coloured clothing.  Wash your hair the night before or morning of your appointment as you will not be able to wet your brows for 5 days following your treatment.  I recommend you exfoliate the brow area the night before and limit intake of alcohol.

A touch-up is required to ensure your tattoo is as accurate as can be.  Up to 4-6 weeks after initial appointment.  Everyone’s skin takes tattoo pigment differently, because of this many people need touch-ups at different stages especially for hair stroke brows as the tattoo does not last as long as a block colour tattoo.

You can expect to need a maintenance session to freshen up brows approximately 10 months to 1 year later.  The price for a maintenance session will vary depending on the individual.

To care for your brows long-term apply sunblock, wear a hat and sunglasses when in the sun; exposure to the sun over time can cause fading and colour change.  Cover the tattoo with Vaseline when swimming in salt or chlorinated water to avoid bleaching effects. Any chemicals of any kind could interfere with the bonding process.  Any Glycholic acid or peels must be kept away from the tattooed area.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment, you may not be seen.

Please be aware that you do need to give 48 hours’ notice of a cancellation or your deposit will be forfeited.

I reserve the right to refuse treatment for any reason.

If you are pregnant I am unable to tattoo you.  Hormones can change a lot during pregnancy which can affect the healing and retention of pigment.  Anaesthetic also plays a big role in pregnant and breastfeeding woman as it does enter the bloodstream and will be passed into baby.  I recommend if you are breastfeeding you prepare for this by expressing a few feeds for baby and disposing your milk after the procedure has taken place as you would alcohol.

*If you suffer from any nervous or anxiety disorders please consider carefully if this is something for you as the process takes a good 6-8 weeks to be completed and it can be an anxious wait as the treatment is not perfected until after healing of the touch-up.

There are before and after photos as well as testimonials from customers on my Facebook page at Alyse Chloe Brows and Beauty.  Please feel free to contact me through the Facebook page or on 0210 850 1898.