Cosmetic tattooing is a big commitment, please ensure you have read through the “important information” before you book in for a face to face consultation.  Please be aware Alyse reserves the right to refuse any service if she feels you are not an ideal candidate for the procedure.

If you suffer from any medical conditions, are pregnant, have an anxiety disorder or have previous cosmetic tattooing you may not be able to receive this service.  Unfortunately some skin types and lifestyles are not ideal for certain styles of brows.  Alyse will make a recommendation at your consultation to ensure you can receive the best possible results that you are wanting to achieve.

Every artist has a unique flare and skill level, if Alyse feels she cannot meet your expectations she will provide recommendations to alternative cosmetic artists.

Please note that everyone’s skin, lifestyle, diet, and health can impact the overall results of your brows.  It is for this reason Alyse makes no guarantee on the final results.  It is recommended that you follow strict homecare instructions to ensure the best possible outcome.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to make contact.